Who is Metro?

Metro is unique among the nation’s transportation agencies. We serve as transportation planner, coordinator, designer, builder and operator for America’s most populous county. More than 10 million people – nearly one-third of California’s residents – live, work and play within our 1,433-square-mile LA County service area.

Why these guidelines?

Metro’s highly successful visual brand, built and maintained in-house since 2003, has allowed us to connect with our core customers, win new riders, and create a more positive relationship with our employees and the public at large. It’s imperative that we – and our creative partners – maintain a consistent brand image. These guidelines are not meant to restrict creativity; instead, this information will enable you to craft effective communications and accurately express the brand across a wide range of applications and media.

First things first.

Please review this guidelines website only after you’ve read Metro’s External Communications Policy and Creative Copyright.

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