Design Studio File Management

Metro Marketing teams strategize, design and produce thousands of projects each year to communicate with our internal and external audiences. The volume of the work we create – plus our use of in-house designers and production artists, off-site contractors and project consultants – underscores the need for all collaborators to follow specific file setup and delivery instructions. These guidelines ensure consistency and efficiency across all projects.


We work in a Mac-based environment with the most current versions of Adobe Creative Cloud software. If you’re not sure which application is right for your project, contact us before you begin setting up your files.

In general, we use:

  • InDesign for projects involving layout and typesetting (e.g., posters, flyers, multipage documents)
  • Illustrator for icons, illustrations and charts
Illustration of Apple Macintosh monitor.

File Naming

Follow our specific digital naming protocol for all files.
File naming diagram describing Metro's method and conventions of describing files.

File Organization

Organize and name your project folders and files as shown below for final delivery. Note that all folders and subfolders must include the Metro job number.

Diagram of Metro's folder structure and organization
Illustratiojn of Adobe Acrobat PDF Icon

Initial View Settings For Pdfs

Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat and follow these instructions to apply Initial View settings:
  • Click File, select Properties (or use Command D)
  • In the Document Properties pop up, select Initial View
  • Set the Navigation tab to Pages Panel and Page
  • Set Page layout to Single Page
  • Set Magnification to Fit Page
  • Click OK; save and close file

Posting Pdfs Online

Follow these best practices for posting PDFs on

  • Final file size should not exceed 5 MB.
  • Multipage production PDFs used for posting on may need to be repaginated to display front cover as first page in PDF.
  • Display as single pages (vs. spreads) when appropriate.
  • Larger presentations or sets of information may need to be broken into sections.

Deliver Final Files

Follow these simple steps to ensure proper delivery of your final files.


Confirm final approval. Be sure to get final approval from Metro before preparing, packaging and delivering files.


Check your work. Follow our Design Studio Print Checklist.


Package your files. Don’t forget to include all fonts and linked files. Incomplete or incorrectly packaged files will be returned for correction.


Get organized for delivery. Follow the Folder Naming and Organization guidelines above to prepare your final file package.


Deliver to Metro.

  1. Upload your project folder to Dropbox. Do not send files directly to Metro’s in-house Print Shop.
  2. E-mail a Dropbox link to your Metro Marketing contact and include the job number in the subject line.
  3. Your contact will route files to the Design Team, who will then review, advance for production and archive them on Metro’s server.

Metro Print Specs Form

This form is only required for offset and digital print projects – it is not needed for large-format projects such as posters, vinyl banners or decals.

  1. Download this form.
  2. Fill in the highlighted sections.
  3. Include PDF of completed form when delivering final files to Metro.

Download Metro Print Specs Form

Illustration of Metro Print Specification Form