Print Production Checklist

In order to maintain efficiency and consistency across all of our projects, Metro has specific production guidelines that must be followed. Please adhere to the steps outlined below to help ensure that unnecessary errors are avoided.

Begin With This General Checklist

  • Check that job folder and files are correctly named and include the job number.
  • Confirm that file dimensions match approved size
  • Add 0.125″ bleed on all sides in Document Setup
  • Zoom in to confirm everything aligns as intended
  • Perform a spell check
  • Delete any unused art or layers
  • Package your files, including all fonts and linked assets

Confirm That Metro-specific Requirements Are Met

Metro Copyright

  • Typeset correct job number and copyright on final file, e.g., “00-0000AB ©20XX LACMTA”
    • Use 6-pt Scala Sans Pro Regular
    • Set type in lowercase and use small caps setting
    • Do not screen text – set character color at 100% tint for legibility
    • Use current calendar year after © symbol
    • Rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise and tuck into lower right corner on back panel


  • Conform to Metro’s Typography guidelines including Typography 101 section. Don’t forget to kern “Metro.”


  • Confirm black type is set as one-color (100% K) rather than as a four-color CMYK build
  • Delete unused colors from swatches palette
  • Confirm all color swatches are assigned the appropriate profile for your project (i.e., print projects use CMYK or PMS, digital projects use RGB)


  • Double-check that photos have been approved and retouched by Metro’s photo team
  • Please do not rename any final retouched photo files provided by Metro
  • Optimum resolution is between 240 dpi to 300 dpi at 100%

Vector Graphics

  • Embed images or package files
Illustration, production checklist diagram