Frequently Asked Questions

About this site

Why does this website exist?

The goal of “Making Metro” is to serve as a robust online tool for educating and informing our internal and external partners about Metro’s visual brand. This tool will help us work together to promote and maintain consistency across the brand. Read more on the Home page under “Why these guidelines?”.

Why do I need to follow these guidelines?

See above, and while on the Home page, please take time to read Metro’s External Communications Policy and Creative Copyright under “First things first.”

How will I know when more information is added to the site?

Please go to the Home page and subscribe to Making Metro. We promise never to spam you or share your information; we will merely send you an email whenever we make major content updates to this site.

How do I download resources?

Downloadable resources are password protected. Creative partners will need to contact their Metro Marketing Rep to receive the password.


How do I download the Metro logo?

Visit the Downloads page to access logo files.

Which logo should I use for my project?

When you download the logo package, you will find that we’ve provided the Preferred Logo in a few different file formats – all in the correct color and configuration. You are free to use any of these logos, as long as you don’t modify them in any way and follow the guidelines on the logo page.

Can you design a custom logo for my internal Metro department?

No. The Metro logo is the only logo for our agency. Consistent and correct use of the Metro logo communicates dependability, consistency and strength, all important qualities for our Agency.


Why are there two CMYK black options for the Metro Identity?

For in-house printing at Metro, we recommend that designers specify 100% black for black text instead of a CMYK mix. However, we prefer to use rich black (a mix of CMYK) for large areas of solid black within a full-color print design.


Where is the link for Metro fonts?

Please visit the Typography section of the Downloads page for more information. We are currently unable to distribute our Brand Typefaces, Information Design and Microsoft Office fonts to outside partners due to licensing restrictions. Web and Mobile and Foreign Language fonts are available to download for free. Metro employees have the Scala family of fonts loaded onto their computers by ITS.

Which font version should I purchase?

Metro Design Studio is currently specifying OpenType fonts, Pro volumes.

Website Functionality

What if I discover a link on this site that isn’t working properly? Go to the Contact Us page and select the“Website functionality” radio button. Fill in all fields, then click the Submit button.