Our logo is the touchstone of our brand and one of our most valuable assets. Consisting of the stylized circle “M” and the word Metro – always in black and white – our logo is simple, open and friendly. Though we aim to make the visual space and conveyed information that surround our logo colorful and lively, the logo itself never varies…it is the symbol of our Agency and the flag that indicates reliability and consistency, hallmarks of any great transit service.

Preferred Logo

Start with this preferred lock-up and always use original logo artwork files.

Metro Logo (preferred)

Alternate Logos

Alternates may be considered when approved by Metro Communications.

Metro Logo (alternate, two versions)


Our logo is a unique, registered trademark; only the official logo with the ® should be used. (See Special Conditions below.)


Metro Logo (registration mark)

Clear Space

Our logo requires a clear space (indicated by shaded box) to maintain visual impact and legibility. No other elements – typography, graphics, photos, etc. – may breach this clear space.

Metro Logo (clear space)


The correct position for the logo is on the left side of the page, screen or designed space. For marketing communications, the logo should be placed lower left. For business stationery, forms and websites, the logo may be placed upper left.

Metro Logo (position)


The clear space measurement may be used as a guide for setting document margins. Logo size and margins may be proportionately increased or decreased. The downloadable logo files include the appropriate clear space measurement.

Metro Logo (margins)


Proper alignment of the logo and other layout elements helps create a strong visual coherence. To align text and images with the logo, choose the best of these three alignment options based on your project and layout.

Metro Logo (alignment)


Always use a black or white logo as provided in original artwork files. Never make the logo another color. Never make the “M” in the circle transparent. (See Special Conditions below.)


Care should be taken to ensure the Metro logo is as visible as possible. Proper logo usage requires a high degree of contrast and readability; separation from the background must be maintained.
Metro Logo (contrast)

Special Conditions

These logos should not be considered part of the standard suite and their use is permitted only when specifically directed and approved by Metro Communications.

Legal Name Signature

Generally used for Metro Board items, official documents, reports, press releases, stationery, and official agency communications.

Special Conditions for the Metro Logo

Metro Los Angeles

Most often used for merchandise when establishing location is an important factor for clarity and design of product. (Note: Registered trademark must be removed on items for general sale.)
Metro Logo (Metro Los Angeles, Special)

Transparent Circle “M”

Specific signage and 1-color printing constraints may call for a transparent M.
Special Conditions, Transparanet Circle "M"

Registered Trademark Removal

The registered trademark may be removed when complexity of fabrication compromises legibility, as in signage or embroidery.
Special Conditions, Trademark Removal

Stand-Alone Circle “M”

Used when full Metro recognition has been previously established and for special circumstances in advertising, signage, fleet, uniforms, etc.
Metro Logo (Circle M, Special)

Alternate Colors

Specific signage and/or production constraints may call for non-standard logo colors.

Metro Logo (Metro Los Angeles, Special Conditions, Alternate Colors)


Consistent and correct use of the Metro logo communicates dependability, consistency and strength in service, all important qualities for a transit provider. So our rule is simple: When in doubt, don’t! Here are some examples of misuse of our logo. These and any other alterations should be avoided at all times.
Metro Logo Integrity (department example)
Never create a custom department, division or project logo; the Metro logo is our only logo.
Metro Logo Integrity (trademark example)
Never use an outdated logo with a TM (trademark) symbol.
Metro Logo Integrity (transparent example)

Never make the “M” in the circle transparent.

Metro Logo Integrity (alternate color example)

Never alternate the colors of the logo.

Metro Logo Integrity (alternate color example)

Never alternate the colors of the logo.

Metro Logo Integrity (change color example)

Never change the color of the logo.

Metro Logo Integrity (logo on background)

Never use the logo on a background that inhibits legibility.

Metro Logo Integrity (M as a letter)

Never use the circle “M” as a letter in the word Metro.

Metro Logo Integrity (don't distort)

Never stretch, distort or add a drop shadow to the logo.

Metro Logo Integrity (distorted example)

Never substitute with another font.

Metro Logo Integrity (typeset example)

Never typeset the logo elements.

Metro Logo Integrity (never rotate logo elements)

Never rotate logo elements.

Metro Logo Integrity (adding type elements example)

Never add type elements in violation of clear space rules.

Metro Logo Integrity (resolution example)

Use the correct file type to maintain appropriate resolution.

Metro Logo Integrity (square with stand alone M example)

Never use a white stand-alone circle “M” inside a black square.

Metro Logo Integrity (outline M example)

Do not add an outline to the circle “M”.

Metro Logo Integrity (never reposition logo elements example)

Never reposition logo elements.

Metro Logo Integrity (outdated logo design example)

Never use an outdated logo design.