Metro Service Names

As a transportation provider that operates and maintains services across LA County, Metro has an ever-growing list of options that we offer to the public. Every service brand begins with “Metro” to signify that it is a key component of our overall brand, created to provide value, safety and convenience to our customers.

Metro Service Names (Metro Local)

Metro Local

Metro Local provides local, limited-stop and shuttle bus service in and between communities in LA County. The brightly colored buses are painted “California Poppy.”
Metro Service Names (Metro Rapid)

Metro Rapid

This faster bus service has fewer stops than the Metro Local service. Metro Rapid buses are painted “Rapid Red” and are equipped with special transmitter devices that send a signal to traffic lights to speed up travel times.
Metro Service Names (Metro Busway)

Metro Busway

This system of limited-stop buses operates primarily along exclusive or semi-exclusive roadways known as “busways” or “transitways.” Like Metro Rail trains, these buses are painted silver, receive priority crossing at intersections, and passengers can board at any door.
Metro Service Names (Metro Rail)

Metro Rail

Metro Rail is an expanding urban rail system that features both light and heavy rail lines. Metro Rail started service in 1990, and has grown rapidly since that time.
Metro Service Names (Metro Bike)

Metro Bike

Metro Bikes can be used by people who have their own bicycles, and by those who choose to rent. Metro Bike Share offers convenient, 24/7 access to a fleet of bikes that can be rented from any Bike Share station and returned to any station in the network. For people with their own bikes, Metro Bike Hubs offer secure bike parking, same-day repairs and onsite staff assistance. Secure bike lockers are also available for rent at select Metro stations.
Metro Service Names (Metro Vanpool)

Metro Vanpool

Metro Vanpool is a service used by groups of 5 to 15 people who commute 15 or more miles together at least 11 days a month. Qualifying groups of vanpoolers receive a monthly subsidy from Metro, but use a vehicle contracted through a third-party vendor.
Metro Service Names (Metro ExpressLanes)

Metro ExpressLanes

These dynamically priced, high-occupancy toll lanes were created to improve traffic flow and provide enhanced travel options on specific freeways in LA County. Use of Metro ExpressLanes requires an established ExpressLanes account and a vehicle transponder.
Metro Service Names (Metro Freeway Service Patrol)

Metro Freeway Service Patrol

The Metro Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) deploys a fleet of roving tow and service trucks to reduce traffic congestion by aiding stranded motorists. FSP drivers get disabled vehicles running again with simple fixes or tow vehicles off of the freeway to a designated safe location. Quickly aiding or removing stranded vehicles reduces the chance of further incidents and prevents bottlenecks.