Photography is a powerful medium for connecting with people and communicating ideas and feelings that words alone cannot convey. Organic, optimistic and well-crafted images are at the heart of Metro’s diverse and compelling visual style. Our in-house photography and videography team creates these images in support of Metro’s extensive communication goals.

Creative Imagery

Our robust, multi-terabyte library of images, which is continually updated, encompasses a vast array of subjects that demonstrate all areas of Metro. Subject matter includes, but is not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Destinations
  • Fleet
  • Lifestyle
  • Programs
  • Rider experience
  • Workforce

Searching Made Easy

Our library contains a searchable image database. Each image is tagged with our unique, established vocabulary to aid in the search process. Creative partners may be granted access to the database and vocabulary list on a case-by-case basis. Selected images may be provided for final usage upon approval and/or retouching.

Select Images

Alternate Case Scenarios

We prefer to use images created by our in-house photography team, but if our library doesn’t have what you’re looking for or it’s not possible to capture what you need, then alternate options exist. However, any proposed alternate scenarios must be discussed and approved by Metro’s in-house design teams.

Partner Provided

For some projects, we rely on our external partners to provide approved, high-quality imagery for use in promotional campaigns or other communications. Responsibility for securing full usage rights in these cases falls to the provider.

Commissioned Photography

All commissioned photography must be directed to Metro’s in-house design teams for completion or to receive further guidance on how to proceed. Any third-party photography or videography created for Metro must provide Metro with full rights.

Stock Photography

Metro uses very little stock photography, as such images usually do not directly reference LA Metro or our proprietary services. In addition, there may be usage rights or term-agreement conflicts associated with stock photography that have legal implications.